trinity reads

“A child who loves to read is a child who can succeed!” Started in 2009, Trinity Reads is a reading program which partners with six elementary schools in our neighborhood.  Volunteers read a book selected by the teacher or instructional facilitator of the school each month during the school year and brings with them a copy of that book for each student.  Students get to keep each book and hopefully takes it home, reads it to family members, and then add it to their personal library. 

“We at Miller Park School are appreciative of our reading program partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church. The monthly event is a much anticipated day for our students and teachers. Our students benefit from the program in many ways.  They have another caring adult in their lives, academic reinforcement of reading skills and nine books each year to keep and foster the love of reading. We feel that the volunteers from Trinity are an integral part of our mission here at Miller Park Elementary School”
--Amy S. Gordon, Instructional Facilitator-Miller Park Elementary

 The Trinity Lutheran Reading program has been an "Awesome" addition to our student’s academic day! The program services our Second and Third grade students. The readers do an excellent job of engaging our students in activities that are tied to the story of the month. At the end of each session every student walks away with a book of their own to add to their home libraries! I truly believe that the program is beneficial to our youth because it helps us as we continue to build a culture of readers here at Belvedere. Also, the students are appreciative of the program. They often ask when the readers are coming back and want to know what book they are going to get next. It is a rewarding experience to see the students’ eyes and spirits light up when their guest reader shows up to read to them each month.
Adrienne Collins, Instructional Coach-Belvedere Elementary

“The majority of the children I read to are from inner-city families. It is incredibly rewarding to me to see how engaged these underprivileged children are when I visit them. They always ask me questions that amaze me after I am done reading the book. It made me see that our small efforts are having a huge impact on their young lives.
Mary Duda, Volunteer Reader